Optimize your Mechanical Seals using dedicated simulation software

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SimMS Software

SimMS, Mechanical Seals Simulation

SimMS is a simulation software dedicated to Mechanical Seals Calculations and usable directly online.

In a Mechanical Seal, the thin lubricating film and the seal rings behaviors are strongly coupled by many physical interacting phenomena.

The mathematical model of SimMS is based on several years of scientific research on tribology and lubrication of mechanical seals.

Multi-Physical Simulations

A multi-physical approach is needed to obtain accurate predictions including for the mass flow rate or the dissipated power. The standard engineering softwares are unsuitable for Mechanical Seals Calculations.


  • Mass flow rate
  • Dissipated power
  • Distance of the seal rings
  • Thermomechanical deformations
  • Pressure and temperature fields
  • Temperature in the solids 
  • Lubricating film thickness
  • Contact and fluid forces
  • Viscous and dry friction torque

what is taken into account

  • Thermomechanical deformations
  • Seal rings material
  • Sealed fluid properties
  • Liquid or gas lubrication
  • Flow regime (laminar or turbulent)
  • Cavitation
  • Centrifugal inertia
  • Roughness and waviness of the faces
  • Spiral Grooves


Scientifically Relevant

The physical engine of SimMS is produced and maintained in partnership with a senior scientist on tribology expert in Mechanical Seals.

Easy to use

With SimMS you can just specify the operating conditions to obtain common outputs as the mass flow rate or the dissipated power.


SimMS is usable directly online with an internet connection from different media (PC, tablet or mobile) 

SimMS is intended for professionals who have needs and requirements for mechanical seal expertise. Already used by some large industrials groups, our objective now is to widly distribute SimMS by relying on SaaS distribution (Software as a Service) in order to make SimMS a benchmark in mechanical seals calculations.

How to use SimMS

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    Step 1. Create your account
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    Step 2. Activate your account by the link receive on your email address
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    Step 3. Go to the SimMS software and perform your own calculations

Test SimMS

You can directly test SimMS without user account but without changing the inputs.

To modify inputs you need an user account 

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