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Introduction to the Numerical Simulation for Mechanical Seals

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Estimating the mass flow rate, the power consumption or the life time of Mechanical Seals is a very hard task due to the large number of parameters governing their behavior.

A mechanical seal is composed of two rings kept in contact by an elastic component. The geometry of the rings, the materials, the stiffness of the elastic component are the design parameter that defined the Mechanical Seal. 

The balance ratio, deduced from the geometry of the seal is commonly used to define its global behavior and classify it as balanced or unbalanced. This parameter is very useful but remains very limited to characterize, in-depth, the mechanical behavior of the seal. 

The operating conditions as the rotation speed of the shaft, the surrounding conditions (pressure and temperature around the seal) and the sealing fluid itself have an important effect on the Mechanical Seal behavior. Moreover, the faces topographical characteristics such as the roughness, the coning, the waviness or the grooves have an important effect too on the seal response and performance. 

This webinar introduces the Numerical Simulation for Mechanical Seals which is a smart and easy method to obtain an in-depth analysis of Mechanical Seals while taking into account all the parameters governing their behavior.

Why do many compagnies use Numerical Simulation ?

  • The simulation results are very realistic and allows an in-depth analysis.
  • Accessible and cheap, it is commonly used to reduce design costs and time.
  • For optimization and to increase reliability.
  • To solve troubleshooting complicated problems.

Program of the webinar

  • Introduction and generalities on Mechanical Seals.
  • Description of the physical phenomena governing the behavior of Mechanical Seals.
    • Tribology of Mechanical Seals Faces.
    • Heat Transfer in Mechanical Seals.
    • Deformation of Mechanical Seals.
    • Interaction of physical phenomena.
  • Case studies with a Simulation Software.

Webinar duration : 1h30

Webinar price : FREE



Noël Brunetière

Noël Brunetière is a senior scientist on tribology specialized on Mechanical Seals. He has worked for more twenty years in R&D on Mechanical Seals in a french academic laboratory. His skills on Mechanical Seals are internationally recognized. He intensively used Numerical Simulation and has developed his own scientific engine to investigate Mechanical Seals.

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